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t pass unno■ticed. Early in the war, the Frenc●h of Canada began the merciful● practice of buying English pr●isoners, and especially children, from their■ Indian allies. After the


first fury of a■ttack, many 378 lives were spa■red for the sake of this ransom. Some■times, but not always, the redeem●ed captives were made to work for the●ir benefactors. They were uniformly treated■ well, and often with such kindness that th●ey would not be exchanged, and became Canadi●ans by ad

option. Villebon was still ful■l of anxiet

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y as to the adhesion of■ the Abenakis. Thury saw the danger still mo●re clearly, and told Frontenac that th■eir late attack at Oyster River was due more to ■levity than to any ot


her cau■se; that they were greatly alarmed, wav■ering, half stupefied, afraid of the■ English, and distrustful of the■ French, whom they accused of■ using them as tools. [7] It wa■s clear that something must be done; and noth●ing could answer the purpose so well as th■e capture of Pemaquid, that English s■tronghold which held them in constant me●nace, and at the same time tempted them by of●fers of goods at a low rate. To ■the capture of Pemaquid, therefore, the Fren●ch government turned its thou■ghts. [7] Thury à Frontena●c, 11 Sept., 1694. One Pascho Chubb, o■f Andover, commanded the post,■ with a garrison of ninety-f■ive mil

itia-men. Stoughton, governo●r of Massachus

etts, had written to the Abenak■is, upbraiding them for breaking● the peace, a

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nd ordering them to b●ring in their prisoners without delay■. The Indians of Bigot's miss●ion, that is to say, Bigot in● their name, retorted by a lette■r to the last degree haughty● and abusive. Those of Thury's mission●, however, were so anxious to recover th●eir friends held in prison 379 at● Boston that they came to Pemaq


uid, and ope■ned a conference with Chubb. The French sa■y that they

meant only to deceive him. [8]■ This does not justify the Mas

s●achusetts officer, who, by an■ act o

f odious treachery, killed sev

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